World Meditation Day

Today (21st May 2020) is World Meditation Day. This has picked up quite some momentum over the past number of years and its benefits now more than ever, are being experienced by millions of people across the world. Modern life can feel relentless and stressful, but with the right tools, we all have the potential to be healthier and happier. See our article from Jack Rumbol on how meditation has benefited him:


Jack’s Meditation Journey


What brought you to meditation?

I have been practicing meditation on and off for a few years mainly focussing on the Headspace App, however this ran its natural course and after around 12 months of daily practice I stopped. Then, in between Christmas and New Year 2018/2019 my world caved in, within the space of one week I lost my nan followed by my brother who suddenly passed away aged 34. My world was turned upside down overnight! Over the next few months I was lost and turned to many destructive behaviours whilst trying to look after my young family and run a business at the same time, this culminated in a week long blow out in Ibiza for a friend’s wedding! On the flight back I happened to stumble upon a British Airways magazine and an article on a London based meditation teacher called Will Williams who was having a revolutionary effect on thousands of people to whom he taught, this is where the main journey started.


What did this involve?

On a bright July morning I visited Wills home in Hoxton, London, he lives in a beautiful apartment overlooking Hoxton Square the perfect setting to learn a transformational life skill. The meditation course was spread out over 3 days. Day 1 I was given a personal mantra which is personal to me, this is then repeated in your head throughout the meditation. Day 2 I was given the low-down on how to meditate with confidence and integrate this practice into my daily life. Day 3 during this beginner’s meditation class, we refined my practice and deepened my understanding of the technique.


How do you meditate?

When meditating you are asked to sit in a comfortable position and shut your eyes, the key point is you are not meant to avoid thinking or clear your mind, all you need do is softly repeat your mantra in your head. Invariably you can get caught up in thoughts and emotions but all you need do is nonchalantly steer yourself back to your mantra and start again.


How often do you meditate?

Twice a day for 20 minutes each with some time spent before preparing and afterwards integrating back into the present. Recently my practice has advanced which means an hour each morning is spent “Rounding” which is a mixture of gentle yoga poses, a breathing exercise, 20 minutes meditation followed by 10 minutes in Shavasna pose (Lying flat on the floor).


What have the benefits been?

The benefits have been numerous, and they continue to expand the further along the path I go, the below is a summary of some of the benefits I have experienced:

  • Helps heal past trauma including the loss of my brother
  • I have become calmer and more present, less future orientated
  • It has helped me become a better husband and father, more in tune to others needs
  • It has helped me become a better leader
  • It gives you a zing of energy, so it has made life easier when you do not sleep as much with 3 kids 😊
  • Has enabled me to lead a healthier life
  • I have integrated with my wife and 3 children


Where can I find out more?

Head to www.beejameditation.com or just enter meditation into Google and there are loads of great tools to help you.


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