The key to transforming health and safety in your workplace

In the world of health and safety, data is key. Access to the ‘right’ data has the ability to dramatically transform health and safety in the workplace helping you move from gut feelings to accurate safety decisions that add value to your organisation, use your budget intelligently and improve safety performance.


When we think about safety performance on site, traditionally it has focussed on events which happen after the fact. These lagging indicators may show how many accidents or near misses have happened but it provides little information on what could happen in the future.  We can make assumptions from this and put in good corrective and preventative actions but it doesn’t mean we will prevent incidents from happening in the first place.


That’s why we use proactive leading indicators to guide, help and support our clients. We simplify the ‘big data’ gathered from our inspections to accurately measure performance and events in real time enabling faster and more efficient decision making.


By taking a proactive approach to safety using data, you can drastically reduce the number of accidents that occur or prevent incidents altogether.  This approach will move safety away from tick-box legislative requirements towards a business practice that drives real benefits and protects peoples’ lives. Costs can also be significantly reduced by rolling out specific interventions to target high risk activities or key focus areas before an incident or near miss happens.


Using our market leading software solution ‘Altitude’, we provide the following bespoke information in real-time to our clients as part of their inspections:


  • Key focus areas to target intervention strategies
  • Top performing areas on site
  • Contractor health and safety summaries used to provide recognition of good practices observed and to identify areas where more support may be needed
  • Comparison of performance across custom time periods and sites
  • The ability to export out all of your health and safety data to easily link into any existing reporting processes that you may have including the detailed breakdowns of all observations, actions and repeat concerns


The best thing about this is that it is free. Yes, you read that right. All of our clients who we undertake inspections for have access to this on Altitude. We’re passionate about helping our clients and challenging the negative perceptions of our industry.  By providing access to this data in a simple and intuitive way, it is one small step from us which can help transform health and safety for our clients and protect people’s lives.


Health and Safety can seem like a complex area. We offer pragmatic advice and only what is necessary to you and your individual circumstances. Contact us today to start the conversation.

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