The Building Safety Bill – Construction Update

The Building Safety Bill, published 5 July 2021, will overhaul building safety regulations in England and Wales. The reform aims to set out a clear pathway on how residential buildings should be constructed and maintained to make them safer.


What does this mean for construction?


  • The bill will provide a clear, proportionate framework for the design, construction and management of buildings
  • It will strengthen the regulatory regime with new requirements to make sure more products are safe, while paving the way for a National Regulator for Construction Products to oversee and enforce the rules
  • There will be ‘gateway’ points at design, construction and completion to ensure safety is considered at every stage of a building’s development.


We hope this bill assists to drive the culture change needed across the industry to enable the design and construction of high-quality, safe homes in the years to come. For this to be successful though we need to work together as a team.  Safety should be at the forefront of design and construction and not an afterthought which unfortunately we see far too often.


For more information on what the bill means for the industry, check out the government’s explainer:





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