Software Project Update

Since August 2019 Havio has been engaged on a bold and exciting project to develop the next generation of Health and Safety Software that will drive innovative, intelligent and agile solutions to our clients and the markets that we operate within.

Havio firmly believes that data is the future with regards to managing Health and Safety effectively, and this is the reason we have obsessed for so long on developing our own systems rather than rely on an external software platform.

The new software system will allow us to:
1. Complete a wide range of Health and Safety Inspections & Assessments, which allows for more time to be spent engaging with the workforce rather than form filling.
2. Collect and analyse data to produce real time dashboards providing compliance overview, trend analysis and identification of hot spots. This will help to ensure intelligent use of budget and improving safety performance on site.
3. Develop bespoke inspection / assessment solutions with a range of bespoke options on scoring algorithms and outputs.
4. Provide information in a clear, concise manner giving our customers the right information to manage their risks in real time from any electronic device.
5. Allow our clients access to reports and the ability to update actions in real time and therefore reducing management time and building due diligence.

As is common with many software projects some delays are unavoidable, especially when trying to deliver such an ambitious project without a dedicated project manager! The project is now entering the testing phase, this being a crucial time to ensure that all aspects of the system are working as required and that inevitable bugs are found and removed.

Our ambition is to release the software in phases throughout 2020. Phase 1 will be the implementation of the software to our construction contractors, beginning in April 2020. Phase 2 will be to launch the assessment functionality for our built environment team. Phase 3 and beyond will be about launching the software to our clients so that they can start to manage their Health and Safety obligations through the system and then making continual improvements to ensure our clients receive the best service possible.

Havio is aware that any major changes, such as this need to be communicated in the correct way. We will be in touch with our clients in early 2020 to discuss the changes and see how best this can be implemented.

If you would like more information on the project or if you would like to chat about any of the above please contact Jack Rumbol – [email protected] or 0333 577 0248.


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