How to thrive in Lockdown

The latest national lockdown announced on 04th January 2021 is scheduled to last at least until late February with a strong possibility that this will extend into March. These are tough times for everyone, albeit some people are more affected than others. In this article we provide some simple tips which can be used by people to ensure that their physical and mental health thrives during this period of time.

Practice Meditation

  • Daily meditation is simple, easy, and enjoyable and because it works at such a profound level – resetting and rebalancing every system within the body, its also an incredibly powerful healing tool. For beginners look no further than the Beeja Meditation Application


  • Aim to be asleep by 22.30hrs each night and try for 7 hours minimum of sleep
  • Avoid electronic devices and screens at least 90 minutes before bed and an hour after waking up
  • Turn off WIFI will help improve sleep quality and health
  • Avoid phones and EMF devices in your bedroom


  • Eat a nutritious and balanced meal at regular times daily. E.g. Breakfast at 07.00am, Lunch @ 12.00hrs and Dinner at 18.00hrs
  • Avoid eating after 20.00hrs
  • Avoid technology at mealtimes – practice mindful eating
  • Try to avoid snacks between meals
  • Sip hot water throughout the day, this will clear toxins and keep things flowing
  • You may not wish to partake in Dry January but reducing your alcohol intake will doubtless improve your physical and mental health


  • In the winter we are deprived of Vitamin D due to lack of sunlight. Sunlight helps our immune systems and improved our mood (Both desperately needed at the moment). A Vitamin D supplement may be the right thing for you (but if in doubt check with your health practitioner)
  • Using a diffuser in the home with Olbas Oil is a good preventative remedy


  • Try to get a short burst of exercise each morning (20 mins) and then make time for regular movement throughout the day (stretching, walking etc)
  • Go for that daily walk with someone from outside your household, this is good for both your physical and mental health
  • Walk in nature, the ultimate rejuvenator for human beings


  • It can be hard to discern how we are feeling and what we are thinking in normal times, during a Pandemic with ever changing rules it can be near impossible. By journaling each day, you can begin to understand yourself that little bit more and make changes where needed

Avoiding Negative News

  • If you switch on the news or scroll through a newsfeed right now 9 times out of 10 the story will be negative, why not try switching off from the endless news streams and concentrate on what you can control

Use technology to create emotional connections

  • Social relationships are essential for both our physical and mental health. Now it’s more important than ever to maintain regular contact with our social circle. This can be done via video calls, instant messaging or phone conversations. However, we must use these means in a healthy way avoid placing COVID-19 at the centre of all conversations and try to talk about other things that will help distract us


If anything you have read has sparked a question please contact Jack Rumbol, [email protected] or 07903062526 to discuss further.

Lastly it goes without saying that if anyone reading this is struggling with any aspect of their health and needs objective, non-judgemental support my door is always open – ok not my door, Zoom can always be switched on or the phone.

Jack Rumbol


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