A Health and Safety Inspection is a way of performing a thorough check on a workplace or construction site to help identify and control potential hazards and ensure employees or others are not put at risk.

Health and Safety Inspections can mean many things to different people and are not to be confused with a Health and Safety Audit. Havio work with all our clients to ensure that the safety inspection is bespoke to the organisation to which we are engaged.

Want oversight of company performance – take a look at our sample Inspection Dashboard

Havio have developed a smart health and safety dashboard that provides high level trend analysis of performance on sites & workplaces following site inspections. Having this data driving safety performance allows customers to target specific activities in reducing risk and deliver cost effective improvement plans
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Download our sample Health & Safety Inspection Dashboard Here

How will Health and Safety Inspection services from Havio help your business

  • Our Safety Inspections will provide an identification of hazards and provide pragmatic solutions on how best to rectify the issue. We will work with your workforce to ensure that we explain our findings and why things are either good or bad practice – this links to our company value based on Unity.
  • Using our in-house developed software our safety inspections pool data which we use to our benefit. With this data we can analyse and interpret this to provide a real time view of conditions on any number of workplaces or sites you may have. This allows you to identify trends or high-risk hot spots which may require immediate intervention.
  • A Health and Safety Inspection will help to ensure you comply with the law.

Why Choose Havio for your Health and Safety Inspection

  • Because we are constantly striving to make Health and Safety Compliance simple and something which makes sense for both the businesses and individuals.
    We prefer to see our Health and Safety Inspections as opportunities to provide coaching to our clients and the workforce. We believe that our visits should focus on both positive aspects of performance and of course any aspects which require attention. We are viewed by our clients as a partner who works closely with you to achieve excellence in a fast paced, commercially driven world.
  • Because we employ a high calibre of consultant who has many years’ experience and training under their belt. As well as this we believe that technical acumen is only one aspect of what makes a good Health and Safety Consultant. Excellent Interpersonal skills are the other key component and to this end all persons are asked to complete a psychometric test which allows us to judge if they possess the right character traits.
  • Havio are constantly innovating and using data to drive high performance – by  sing Havio we will provide a more in-depth view of your business and its workplaces / sites

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Health and Safety can seem like a complex area. We offer pragmatic advice and only what is necessary to you and your individual circumstances. Contact us today to start the conversation.

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