Health and Safety during storms and bad weather

Bad weather, particularly storms and high winds, present health and safety risks for businesses. Employers should carry out a risk assessment to identify hazards and take action to protect their employees and the public.

Who is at risk during bad weather?

All businesses should take into account the impact of adverse weather on safety. Certain industries and types of workers will face increased risk such as agriculture, transport, electrical, construction and those who work at height.  Employers need to be aware of health and safety risks for people working outdoors. Anyone using equipment and structures such as scaffolding, and cranes face particular hazards.

Storm Ciara

Storm Ciara hit the majority of the UK over the weekend (8th-9th February 2020) and is said to be one of the worst storms of the century according to the Met Office. Heavy rain and winds of almost 100mph has hit Britain with weather warnings issued across the country.

As Storm Ciara swept across the country, high winds contributed to scaffolding and cranes collapsing.

Havio tips:

  • Ensure scaffolds are designed properly by competent persons.
  • Following severe weather, get a competent person to check and inspect structures and equipment that may have been affected by the weather.
  • Check weather conditions prior to working outside and using work equipment that could be affected by the weather.



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