Havio’s journey to becoming a BAFE registered fire risk assessment provider

After months of hard work we are pleased to announce Havio is now a BAFE certified Fire Risk Assessment Provider, under the Life Safety Fire Risk Assessment scheme (SP205).

Of course this significant milestone in our fire safety provision is just the latest step in a much longer journey. We have undertaken fire risk assessments for over a decade, and have always taken great pride in delivering the highest standards in order to protect life.

While fire safety has been thrust into the media spotlight in the three years since the Grenfell Tower disaster, it has always been a central part of our offering at Havio. Naturally the main purpose of our fire risk assessments is to minimise risk to life, as every year many people are killed or injured by fire. But our assessments also reduce the risk of fire-related property damage which can cause business disruption and unexpected costs from which many companies never recover.

The standards behind Havio’s fire risk assessments  

Havio undertakes fire risk assessments for clients in many different sectors including commercial offices, retail, leisure and entertainment venues, event spaces, construction sites, housing and public service, warehousing and factories.

We follow the Publicly Available Standard (PAS) PAS79-1:2020 which sets out fire risk assessment guidance and structure. It gives recommendations on how to carry out fire risk assessments that will protect the occupants of non-domestic premises. PAS79-2:2020 goes one step further by giving recommendations for domestic premises. Havio has always followed these standards and will continue to do so.

How we undertake fire risk assessments

Havio have recently developed their new fire risk assessment application on the Altitude software platform, this makes report production and compilation more efficient as well as allowing for more powerful analaysis of data . Our fire risk assessment follows the PAS79 questioning and approach to ensure it is meeting the standard, and produces an action plan which identifies critical actions and timescales so these can be allocated and signed off once completed.

Havio is very particular about who completes fire risk assessments. Our consultants not only have to complete professional training but also go through a shadowing and mentoring process with senior or lead consultants.

All consultants hold professional memberships, complete specific training as part of our employee development program, and attend internal briefings and updates that include:

  • Institute of Fire Engineers membership
  • Fire Industry Association courses
  • Nebosh Fire Certificate (Management)
  • Fire Protection Association
  • Fire Risk Assessment Courses
  • Fire Safety Design in Buildings BS9999
  • Fire Safety Management

Our fire risk assessment quality management system is continuously improved to stay ahead of the game post-Grenfell, and ensure we meet the requirements of the Building Safety Bill, The Building Safety Regulator and any future building standards.

Attaining BAFE SP205 certification

In mid-2020, Havio’s leadership team consulted with the internal fire risk assessment team about going one step further in fire risk assessment and delivery. The outcome of this consultation was very clear:

  • We wanted our fire risk assessment management system to be recognised and accredited at the highest level for technical and quality management capabilities to give our clients absolute peace of mind.

As a result we decided to pursue accreditation under the BAFE Life Safety Fire Risk Assessment SP205 Scheme. This scheme was launched in May 2012 and was developed by a group of industry experts to help the building’s Responsible Person (or Duty Holder in Scotland) meet the requirements for fire risk assessments under the Regulatory Reform Order (Fire Safety) 2005, the Fire (Scotland) Act 2005 and the Fire and Rescue Services (Northern Ireland) Order 2006. It is designed to give assurance to those commissioning fire risk assessments and provide confidence in the quality and relevance of the services provided.

To achieve this certification it is necessary to have competent systems, including a robust quality management system, which was already in place at Havio. In addition ‘Altitude’ was born in late 2020. Powered by Havio this pioneering new software platform is owned and developed internally. It combines efficiency with visual data and management information, and allows our clients to proactively manage health and safety performance, including fire risk.

With systems and technical ability in place we appointed the National Security Inspectorate (NSI), the UK’s most highly trusted and respected, UKAS-accredited certification body in the security and fire safety sector, as our independent auditor and certification body.

Following a six-month certification process, in January 2021, Havio proudly received formal certification under this scheme.

Why you should use a BAFE registered company

You can check out an article on the BAFE website that lists ten reasons to choose a BAFE registered company for your fire safety requirements, but here are our top three motives:

Regular independent assessments: BAFE registered companies are assessed by a UKAS accredited certification body to ensure they are competent to deliver the relevant service. Companies are assessed annually against the latest standards and best practices, and the scheme itself is monitored and regularly reviewed to ensure it remains current.

Demonstration of commitment: Assessment and certification is entirely voluntary, and takes a great deal of investment in both time and money, so it demonstrates a provider’s commitment to quality and to meeting the highest possible standards.

Evidence of due diligence: Certificated evidence of competency demonstrates you have performed due diligence in sourcing a provider for your fire safety requirements, and will be useful for insurance purposes, especially if you ever need to make a claim.

If you would like to discuss you own fire risk assessment needs with a newly BAFE certified provider  in light of these three very compelling reasons, please do get in touch with us at ([email protected])


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