Havio Q&A

We wanted to let you know what Havio has been up to recently during these unprecedented times and we thought a simple Q and A might be useful.

Q: Is Havio still operating?

A: Yes but not as we were, we are still available and providing important advice and guidance on not only Covid-19 but all other areas of Health and Safety where we can, as well as other areas of support for those working still, either at home or elsewhere in all sorts of environments.

Q: Is Havio having to furlough staff?

A: Yes, unfortunately we have had to furlough some of our team who are all itching to get back to work! (so they keep telling us) We keep in contact in several ways on a regular basis to check in on everyone as well! We have used “Microsoft Teams” and “Houseparty” recently and had quizzes and other games via these apps so we can keep in contact with each other. Our staff have been so supportive and understanding and we are looking forward to getting them all back together in the future.

Q: Can I still call for advice?

A: Yes, please call or email us as you normally would, you may not speak to the same person you usually do but one of us will be able to help. NB: due to some staff being on furlough not all emails are being checked as regularly so please ensure that your email is re-directed to the contact on the out-of-office to ensure your enquiry is not missed or call the office landline which is redirected to our mobiles.

Q: What about Covid-19 related advice and concerns?

A: Obviously we are not medical professionals or politicians but we are helping with planning and setting out control measures for some industries who are still operating and others who will hopefully be up and running in the near future. We are helping many of our construction clients in terms of managing risk and complying with the “Safe Operating Procedures for Construction Sites” that has been issued by the government to protect sites and workers. If you need any advice or have any concerns please get in touch as normal and we can assist where we can.

Q: What about training and elearning?

A: We have not been able to deliver our planned courses for obvious reasons but our eLearning capability is still in full operating mode, now with a Covid-19 training session as well. With many persons working from home at the moment, now is an opportunity to get that H&S awareness training completed which we don’t always find the time to do in our busy work lives.

Q: Do I have to report Covid-19 cases under RIDDOR?

A: Yes – This has changed recently and now the HSE have issued guidance on incidents and diseases in relation to Covid -19 which will appear on our News and Insights page shortly. In short the guidance has confirmed that RIDDOR will now apply in certain circumstances in relation to Covid-19.

Q: What can we do to ensure people are homeworking safely?

A: We believe communication is key here, sending out assessments may not be the best way of addressing concerns and we have already issued guidance on what the HSE have advised as well as exercise regimes and flexible working arrangements. Keep speaking with your teams to see how they are getting on and ask about comfort and planning of works. Regular check ins and conversations will help with reducing the lone working boredom that can happen and equally if someone has too much to do then a chat could be so helpful. Follow the steps and guidance made available by the HSE and ourselves and try and be flexible.

Q: What does the future look like for Havio?

A: The future is uncertain for everyone, we believe in being optimistic and positive but also realistic. Our working methods in the future may well change and our approach will be to change with the times and keep supporting our clients. We are forward thinkers and planners and we believe we have what it takes to not only get through the current crisis but come out stronger.

Q: What if my business is having problems and difficulties?

A: Talk to us, we are great listeners as well as advisors.


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