Employee Spotlight – Jack Rumbol

Jack Rumbol – Managing Director

What is your role within Havio?

I am the Managing Director, my responsibilities are to lead and direct the business in line with our business strategy – this means having oversight of all areas of the business from Marketing, Sales, Operations, Finance and HR. The role is challenging but extremely rewarding with no two days ever being the same.


What are you trying to achieve at Havio?

We are driven by a clear mission, that is to change the negative perception of the Health and Safety Industry and at the same time create long term partnerships with our clients. The company has been operating as a wholly owned business since 2009 and in this time, we have grown steadily and sustainably from a 2 person partnership to what we are today as a business employing 20 people. Our ambitions are to continue to build the company focussing on our two most important stakeholders: Our staff and clients. We are not driven by extrinsic motivations so you won’t see us saying our ambition is to be the biggest or best – we will let others be the judge of that.


What makes you happiest at work?

There are two main areas:

Hearing positive feedback from our clients, especially if this is centred around shifting their perceptions of our industry.

Seeing team members grow in their role and progress their careers.


What are your hopes with regards to the Health and Safety Industry?

The world of work is evolving at a rapid rate, what may be relevant now could be irrelevant within 2-3 years. That brings many challenges, but also opportunities and it is the responsibility of those within our industry to remain current and up-to date with these changing dynamics. I would like to see a world in which people are treated as the solution to issues and not the problem, this can only be achieved by having a strong culture with a strong knowledge of human behaviours.


Is there a specific area of Health and Safety which interests you the most?

That is an easy one: Construction. This is the industry which I have operated in for the past 17 years. Working with all duty holders under CDM is something that I actively enjoy, be that working with a large-scale residential developer who wants to build a 32 storey tower block in Central London or working on small residential schemes with a contractor – I love it all.


What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

Spending time with my wife and 3 children

Travelling to new places

Eating out in nice restaurants

Gym, yoga and meditation


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