Circadian Rhythms – Introduction

Our Managing Director, Jack Rumbol, has started writing a series of articles on Circadian Rhythms. The first is an introduction into why and how Jack started to explore Circadian Rhythms.

“Taking time to understand these vital physiological rhythms which govern everything you do as a human being, and then using that knowledge to make small changes to your lifestyle, could be the single most important thing you ever do. It will actively improve your physical and mental health and help you achieve whatever you wish to in life.

You may wonder why I want to talk about Circadian Rhythms, a subject many of you will quite possibly never have heard of. If you knew me and the way I lived in my twenties and early thirties it’s probably not something you’d expect me to take an interest in. I’ve always been an early bird and back then I thought I could survive on five to six hours’ sleep a night, but the truth is I was continually at odds with my internal schedule.

In 2019, the sudden death of my brother triggered a period of inward reflection where I questioned and analysed everything, including my life’s direction. To the outside world I had it made. I’d run a successful business since the age of 22, I had a beautiful wife and three amazing children, a great house and nice holidays twice a year. What else could I possibly need? But I knew deep down something wasn’t quite right.

The reality was I worked all hours, leaving little quality time for my family, and too much of the spare time I did have was spent in the pub, restaurants or soulless hotel bars. I was moody and irritable, with energy levels that peaked and troughed throughout the day and many days where I wasn’t motivated at all. I had bad skin as well as regular bouts of illness and I really struggled to fall asleep at night, spending hours tossing and turning. Even when I thought I was improving my health at the gym it became an obsession, with intense hour-long workouts and a motto of ‘no pain no gain.’ My diet fluctuated between a strict regime and binge eating, with very little in between.

In search of change, I began to explore the world of Vedic Meditation which in turn led me to Ayurveda, meaning “The Science of Life.” I won’t get into the subject of Ayurveda here, but what comes up time and time again is the need to live in line with your innate body clock; the Circadian Rhythm.

Since adopting techniques to become more in tune with my Circadian Rhythms I can honestly say my life has improved immeasurably. I now feel the need to share what I have learned in the hope of helping others who may be experiencing problems in their own lives. With the ongoing Coronavirus situation, the subsequent restrictions on our freedoms and the seismic changes happening in the world, I feel we all need to understand this subject now more than ever.

Over the coming weeks I will be writing a series of articles on a number of subjects including understanding your daily schedule, using your body’s internal clock, sleeping, eating, exercising and living in tune with the seasons. I aim to help you build your understanding steadily, tying this knowledge together as concisely as possible. This article series is separate from, yet to my mind entirely complementary to, the core services we offer at Havio.

I would ask you to keep an open mind as the techniques, and the rationale behind them, do not always fit the accepted narrative of the West and the way we live in the modern world. I admit I was a sceptic at first but once I started making a tweak here and a tweak there, I began to realise the immense value of this ancient knowledge.

I do not claim to be a medical expert or classically trained in health, holistic or otherwise. What I write is from the heart, based solely on my studies and experiences, and I hope summarising this subject in a practical way will benefit you directly. I will provide a list of useful resources at the end of the series for those who wish to read more. As September progresses and autumn arrives, I hope you will join me on an enlightening journey through the life-changing topic of Circadian Rhythms.”


To read his other articles, please visit his LinkedIn page which can be found here.


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