High-spec health and safety for high-end residential contractor Famella

Famella is a family run building contractor specialising in high-specification refurbishments, conversions, extensions and new builds in the London area. They enjoy the challenge of working with new materials, procuring modern designs and incorporating design development. Robust health and safety management is a fundamental part of its service offering. It aims to achieve a working environment free from work-related accidents and ill-health and encourages employees to actively contribute to achieving this goal.


The highly complex and specialist nature of Famella’s work means no two projects are the same, requiring in-depth knowledge of many different facets of construction health and safety. Projects often bring unique challenges, such as digging out huge double basements or installing extraordinary lift mechanisms within existing buildings.

While Famella takes health and safety incredibly seriously, this can’t always be said for other providers in the sector within which it operates. As competitors don’t necessarily factor health and safety provision into their quotes, Famella has to manage costs carefully to balance safety with competitiveness and profitability.

As Famella’s health and safety needs fluctuate on a project-by-project basis, a full-time resource doesn’t make sense, so the business requires reliable and flexible third-party support that can provide resource at short notice and respond proactively to rapidly changing situations. The company engages many trades direct, rather than subcontracting, which creates additional health and safety responsibilities that need to be managed. As a family-run business, Famella needs a health and safety consultancy with a personal touch, that it can build a long-term trusting relationship  with.



Havio was strongly recommended to Famella as a result of dissatisfaction with a previous consultancy. Havio’s adaptable, no-nonsense approach was immediately a good fit for Famella.

The two companies have enjoyed a five-year partnership based on mutual trust, and Havio’s Directors continue to have a strong bond with Famella’s Managing Director, who takes personal charge of ensuring health and safety standards.

In addition Havio provides a project-by-project service which is highly flexible and cost-effective. On a day to- day basis the relationship is managed by a senior consultant, with a team to support, so there is always someone available to respond to Famella’s needs. The team brings current health and safety experience from construction projects of all shapes and sizes, which can be used to Famella’s benefit.

For individual projects, Havio undertakes extensive surveys and collaborates with project teams to develop critical plans including construction phase plans, fire risk assessments, and traffic management plans. It also designs the on-site health and safety management system, completes a monthly site inspection and undertakes incident investigations. Havio delivers principal designer services when Famella is appointed under a design and build contract.



Famella has been a valued Havio client for five years. During this time health and safety standards have increased significantly, and minor accident frequency rates have reduced to virtually zero, improving on-site morale and productivity.

A strong reputation for health and safety management positions Famella as a highly responsible main contractor in the high-end residential sector, enabling it to win bigger and more prestigious projects.



Health and Safety can seem like a complex area. We offer pragmatic advice and only what is necessary to you and your individual circumstances. Contact us today to start the conversation.

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