A decade of flexible support for Iconic

An innovative construction business operating in the demanding London market, Iconic acts as a main contractor across the residential, medical, commercial and hotel sectors. With a focus on delivering challenging projects in a safe and timely manner, Iconic makes the safety of operatives and the public its top priority, and has partnered with Havio for over ten years.


Iconic needs knowledgeable and forward thinking professionals to manage health and safety sensibly. These professionals need to design management systems, develop project plans, undertake inspections, deliver training, investigate incidents, and ensure subcontractor compliance and much more.

Employing sufficiently qualified internal resource would be costly and onerous, especially as Iconic’s needs fluctuate dependent upon market conditions. On the other hand, using third parties often means choosing between one-man bands that can offer excellent advice but can’t provide the service, or large corporate consultancies that lack the personal touch. Iconic needs a partner that delivers the best of both worlds to balance safety and profitability.

As Iconic grows, it needs a system that delivers real-time insight into health and safety performance for the whole company, a group of projects or a single site, to help it decide where to direct its efforts and resources.



By partnering with Havio, Iconic benefits from a reliable, flexible service that is scaled to suit business needs. Rather than relying on one individual, Iconic has access to an entire team including a dedicated senior consultant, so someone is always available.

Havio team members bring experience from projects of all sizes and use it to Iconic’s advantage. Havio takes a hands-on, mentoring approach, delivering the benefits of an internal resource while providing an impartial and independent service.

The fully encompassing service provided by Havio includes:
• Setting of an annual health and safety strategy
• Designing of the company health and safety policy
• On-site management system design
• Year-round competent source of advice
• Out-of-hours support
• Health and safety training
• Incident investigations
• And much more.

For individual projects, Havio develops critical plans, including a construction phase plan, fire risk assessment, traffic management plan and project risk assessment. The team attends prestart meetings with key trades and assists with subcontractors to ensure they meet required standards at qualification stage and during the contract term. It chairs health and safety meetings and undertakes two site inspections per month.

Iconic uses Havio’s proprietary health and safety software, Altitude, which delivers bespoke performance analysis in real time, across multiple sites, via an intuitive dashboard. Individual and average site scores, nonconformance trends and tailored action plans enable Iconic to make data-driven decisions around where to target health and safety initiatives, rather than relying on assumptions, and allows the company to make intelligent use of budget. The software reduces time spent form filling and enables the Havio team to dedicate more time to engaging and mentoring.



Iconic and Havio have worked in partnership for over ten years and have grown their businesses together. They have a close, trusting relationship, with Havio’s directors still personally involved in the Iconic account.

There have been no major incidents or fatalities during the partnership, and Iconic’s accident frequency rate has reduced. Better working conditions have resulted in safer and healthier environments, leading to increased productivity, and sub-contractor performance has improved, increasing overall standards on site. A strong health and safety record puts Iconic in a position to win bigger and higher profile projects.


Health and Safety can seem like a complex area. We offer pragmatic advice and only what is necessary to you and your individual circumstances. Contact us today to start the conversation.

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