Our primary reason for being is to protect those at work or those affected by work. Secondary to this, we believe that there is a negative perception of the industry which need not exist. Our role, when applied correctly, is positive for business and we work to prove that good Health and Safety Management makes good business sense.



We give the right advice. We never compromise on our integrity. We don’t allow our close relationships with clients to impact upon that.


We adapt and flex our advice and our approach to fit with our individual clients' needs, culture, environment and expectations. We recognise that Health and Safety looks different to different people.


We are there for our clients when they need us. We are prompt. We are reliable. We are approachable, proactive and ‘open’ at all times.


We are down to earth. We are friendly. We empathise with our clients and their challenges. We become an extension of our clients teams. We earn trust and respect.


Our knowledge and expertise is our most important asset. We are committed to constant growth and learning. The more we educate ourselves, the better we can educate our clients.


We work proactively with our clients in true partnership. We don’t police. We partner, we guide, we coach.


Jack Rumbol

“The Silver Fox"

Jack is the Strategic Lead within Havio. Having oversight of Operations, Finance, Sales and Marketing. A Chartered Practitioner with over thirteen years’ experience in Health and Safety, Jack is passionate about building a business based on long-term partnerships. He has a clear mission, one where the negative perception of the industry is removed.

Rob Anderson

“The Pub Landlord”

Rob is the Technical Lead within Havio. A Chartered Practitioner with over twenty-two years’ experience as a Health and Safety Professional, Rob has been at the forefront of driving forward cultural change for clients. He has extensive experience across a number of industries. As well as being a passionate trainer, Rob devotes much of his time to developing and nurturing the Havio team.

Martin Anderson

“The Bean Counter”

Martin is the Business Controls Manager within Havio, responsible for ensuring all critical aspects of the company continue to be well controlled. A process and detail orientated staff member, Martin prides himself on running a tight ship and keeping Jack and Rob in check.

Karen Black

“Office Juice Maker”

Karen oversees the management of all the construction related services at Havio, including the management of the Construction Team. Previous to working at Havio Karen spent seven years in Australia working in both the construction and oil and gas sectors, therefore having a wide breadth of Health and Safety knowledge. Karen is passionate about positively engaging with the workforce to influence change.

Stephen Jenkins

“BBQ King”

Stephen oversees the management of all workplace related services at Havio including the management of the Workplace Team. Stephen has previously worked within the French Navy, his native bi-lingual skills (English-French) often come in handy with some of our partners from across the channel. Despite his management responsibilities, you will still see Stephen in a consulting capacity, particularly focusing on technical aspects of fire safety.

James Evans

“Bearded Hipster”

James is a Health and Safety Partner working with our construction and waste clients. Prior to working with Havio, James has worked within demolition, and more recently as an officer for the Health and Safety Executive. James is passionate about dealing practically with issues which present themselves and has an optimistic outlook on work and life.

Mark Goodenough


Mark is a Health and Safety Partner working with our construction and waste clients. He has been involved within the construction industry since 2004 - having previously served in the Armed Forces. Mark loves nothing better than to be on site, forging relationships with operatives to help improve their working conditions. Mark is an excellent all-round consultant having specialisms in asbestos, confined spaces and rope access safety.

Martin Wybrow

“New Dad”

Martin is a Health and Safety Partner within our construction services team. Martin has been working extensively with both Principal Contractors and Contractors completing a wide range of services. Martin has recently completed a successful six month secondment with a London based Principal Contractor, which was an all-encompassing management role.

Kelly Shiels

“Intrepid Globetrotter”

Kelly is a Health and Safety Partner working within our pre-construction services and construction services team. Kelly has mainly been working alongside Clients and Principal Designers/ Designers helping to eliminate or reduce risks at the design stage.

Michelle Weatherspoon

“Mother Hen”

Michelle has worked at Havio for over 18 months and works within the Administration Team. Michelle is responsible for ensuring that all pre-construction and construction operations run smoothly, including the unenviable task of co-ordinating all visits into the Partners' calendars. Michelle has also recently been made responsible for managing the administration of all Human Resources within the company.

Georgina Morgan

“Prosecco Thursday Loving Administrator”

Georgina works within the Administration Team working closely with our Business Controls Manager in a financial control capacity, Georgina is responsible for ensuring all clients are invoiced on time and ensures that our cash flow is managed. Georgina is also responsible for managing the office.

Tracey Canter

“The Cake Making Queen”

Tracey has worked at Havio for over three years and works within the Administration Team. Tracey is responsible for ensuring that all workplace operations run smoothly, including booking in of all appointments. Tracey is also responsible for the management of both our E-Learning offering and Accreditation Service.

Darren Eastmond


Darren is a Health and Safety Partner with a background in the leisure and entertainment industry. A natural people person, Darren enjoys the role as no two days are the same and he gets to meet a diverse range of clients and characters.

James Flint

“Tea Loving Brightonian”

James is a Health and Safety Partner with a background in the oil and gas industry. Most recently working within a Health and Safety advisory position within a laboratory, James is the newest member to our team and shows the commitment Havio have in investing in the next generation of Health and Safety professionals.



Health and Safety can seem like a complex area. We offer pragmatic advice and only what is necessary to you and your individual circumstances. Contact us today to start the conversation.

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